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Know your fertility

  • A series of three (3) classes that combine interactions with course facilitators
  • Videos presented by certified instructors and hands-on exercises to strengthen learning
  • With multiple opportunities for couples to learn and practice the basics of fertility awareness.
  • The course integrates a simplified method, morality and physiology relevant to the practice of the method
  • It focuses on students learning to observe fertility signals and to use a mobile app to interpret their data
  • Ateam of instructors is available to answer any questions couples have about the method.

Seminar (group)

Class led by a facilitator, where couples meet and class content is taught through video lessons and practice exercises.



An Internet course where couples learn on their own, at their own pace, in the place and schedule that suits them best.

What is natural family planning?

NFP is based on a woman's knowledge of fertility. You'll learn to recognize certain fertility signs that indicate whether you're in the part of your cycle that's fertile or not fertile. You'll also learn how to make your observations and annotations, using a mobile app. With the Couple-to-Couple League (STM) Sympto-thermal Method it takes only one minute each morning to take your temperature when waking up and a few moments during the day for other observations. Once the information is written on your mobile phone, you will have a complete picture of your fertility... it's that easy!

Now you can have a natural way to space or achieve a pregnancy... a modern method of natural family planning (NFP) that has proven to be 99% effective in postponing a pregnancy... also used successfully by couples looking to conceive.

We are very impressed with the Symptomothermic Method! We finally found something that brought harmony to our family's planning area. I'm surprised how much I enjoy not having to use the Pill again. I'm just sorry I waited so long to find an alternative to birth control.

— J., TX

I want to thank you for what you brought into my life. I was taking the Pill and although I was satisfied with its effectiveness, I felt like I was missing something. Now I feel healthier physically and spiritually.

— M., VA


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