Learn an effective method to know your fertility

Know your fertility - Online

This NFP course combines a simple, effective and easy-to-learn method with the most advanced technology and experience of more than 20 years teaching Spanish-speaking couples around the world.

In the online course:

  • The couple completes the course lessons on their own
  • Videos recorded by an instructor couple, a doctor and a priest discussing the topics of method, science and morality
  • Students use CycleProGo,the mobile app, to interpret their fertility signs


  • Students receive the motivation, instruction, and support required to practice NFP, during class and after the course is over.
  • A team of instructors is available to answer any questions in the method

The course includes:

  • Access to the online course for one year
  • Support from a team of instructors by email or phone
  • Digital copy of student guide - downloadable
  • Twelve (12) month subscription to the mobile app, CycleProGo

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