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Now you can start a PNF program in your community!
Discover the Know  your Your Fertility seminar.


Know Your Fertility seminars are offered through a network teaching system that you get through a subscription.


What does the subscription include?

As part of your subscription you have access to a custom portal where you will have:

Course Access Know Your Fertility
  • Access to the three (3) classes that combine interactions with facilitators, videos presented by certified instructors, and hands-on exercises to strengthen learning
Promotion and advertising
  • We offer you a series of flyers, posters and bulleting announcements professionally designed to help you publicize your classes
Unlimited training for facilitators
  • Your subscription includes access to training for facilitator couples at no additional cost.

Discounts on class materials

  • Subscribers receive discounts when ordering their materials for their students

What do students receive?

Students who attend the class receive:

Access to take* the full course and materials
  • Each couple will have the opportunity to take the full Know Your Fertility course, and receive a Student Guide and a Digital Thermometer

Students receive instruction in the classroom and through facilitators. Only facilitators have access to the class portal.

Accompaniment during and after class
  • As part of the course, students receive motivation, practical suggestions, and support as they learn to use the natural method. An instructor couple is available when method-related questions arise.
CycleProGo subscription
  • This course integrates the use of the CycleProGo mobile app to assist students in interpreting their fertility signals. There is a free version and a paid subscription. Students will receive access to the subscription for a full year as part of the course. Paid subscription includes interpretation of data; the free version allows data logging without interpretation. The price of the CycleProGo subscription is $25 per year.

What is the format of the class?

In the Seminar format:

  • Couples gather in a common place (i.e. parish room, hospital meeting rooms, etc.)
  • Classes led by a facilitator
  • Videos recorded by an instructor couple, a doctor and a priest discussing the topics of method, science and morality
  • Records of your observations and the interpretation of your signals are entered in the mobile app: CycleProGo
  • One class a week for a period of three weeks

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